Waugh Paper. \Wăh pā-per\ It’s my attempt to share reality, covered by words, filtered(?) by my thoughts. I invite you here and welcome you here, but I am trying not to need you here . . .

My name is Timothy Waugh and I live in Portland, Oregon. Doing this, writing, is one of the ways I am stayin’ alive in Portland . . . or wherever in the world there is wifi.

There is not much about me that I want to share, except through these thoughts, but I will share this: I am a Christian, by choice. I was raised that way, strictly you might say, but over the years it has become my faithful commitment. But I am very open to you: whatever you want to bring, and wherever you are, and when you are. And I like coffee.

I am a teacher. I do not get paid for teaching in U.S. dollars. I used to, and it was fairly glorious. But for now,


I am was a mailman (I retired early, cuz I want to deliver things other than mail to live a more fulfilling life and attain my values). I still deliver and I try only to deliver for YHWH (God) a reality beyond anything I can see or cover in these pages. But I do I used to deliver mail: a lot of mail on five routes each week. Pieces of paper with names and addresses. And each name is a soul, and each address is a place in space-time. That place is a dwelling that hides joy and pain. Secrets behind the walls, wild love, horrible jealousy, stupidity, brilliance, the smells of breakfast, the stench of bitterness, or just filth in all its guises. All of humanity, anything that we as humans can contain between walls and behind doors, it all resides in those addresses, hundreds of them every day, thousands within a week, and it is my joy to deliver something to each one. I also deliver Truth as I am equipped to do it, and as I am given the opportunity.


I am a fierce lover of beauty, surprise, music as a divine language, peering into the soul of another, and trying, somehow to be a blessing to that other. I love that. Fiercely . . .


That’s all for now. The rest, you can discover if you have the will.  Read freely, leave comments, whatever you want to do while you are here. Your presence will bring me joy.

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