Imaginary Conversation

There were moving trucks parked along the way to the garden this morning. And when I walked back down from up the hill and to the right (but on the left) there was only one truck, this time parked in a kind of temporary free zone left by Portland Gas and Electric, who had blocked off three places just outside my front door. They are planning to expand the current-carrying capacity of the complex, and A*** and the crew were appreciative when I moved “Baby” for them yesterday.

A younger Baby by a younger garden.

No, Baby is not for sale I told them, but they remained interested in the tube at the top. It’s a shower I was saying. Fill it to two thirds, and you can pressurize it with a bike pump after the sun has heated the water a bit. Just pump it up to 30 psi (Yeah I seen that gauge up there, A*** said, and I wuz wunderin’), and then I can attach the hose with the shower head.

But anyway, I will move her across to the other side, because it looks like you will be using that Ditch Witch here in a few days. They looked to Ch***, their boss, and yes, they said it was all true. I told them I was leaving in 15 minutes in case they wanted first to move their own truck from blocking me in.

“Do you have insurance?”, another guy said, and we all got a laugh.

“Hey, how about some fresh coffee? Do you have a mug or anything?” Ain’t gonna turn down coffee in the mornin’, I heard them say, so I went in to brew a fresh pot and took it out to them later, all to the sounds of drilling and digging.

I moved the van and left the pot for them, and when I returned, there was the pot, just where I had left it, but almost emptied of coffee. I am glad they left the thermal carafe, because it would be an expense to replace, if they had not.

Imaginary phone conversation:

“Hey, PGE, this is Timothy Waugh at the W******* G***** and your crew took my pot when I had to move my van out of the way of their truck.”

“You say you had pot in your van?”

“No, I left the pot with your guys.”

“That is a violation of our policies, sir. Did you get names?”

“Only A***, and Ch***, the boss.”

“Yes, I see that we did have that crew working at your location. Was anyone injured when you had to move your van to avoid being struck by our truck?”

“Oh not at all. We had a great time laughing and talking, while I was getting Baby warmed up, and the pot was being passed around anyway.”

Thank you for the update. I will place it in our files.

By the grace of God, the garden plot continues to produce a fine yield.


I am traveling soon to parts unknown (unknown, except for a couple of days in The City), so I will cook these down again. That saucy sauce was well-received, apparently. I wonder if it needs to be spicier, because I could do that.

Oh well, with this batch I will just give it even more Thyme.