Flutter here, flutter there.

Like a butterfly (or like a fly with butter on his wings), stuff continues to flutter this way. You know about “stuff”, right? The good stuff, the right stuff, I mean.

The bad stuff buzzes by, in a hurry because it is hurried on; I have no room for it. But the good stuff flutters and circles and comes ’round again and sometimes settles.

Here are some examples, one with pictures and the other you just gotta take my word for it:

That is a print from Africa (Kenya, I think) made of butterfly wings. It is a gift from a sweet couple from church who were missionaries around Eastern Africa for forty years. They brought three prints and asked me to choose one—I did—and then they ate a fine salad and some good stuff made of lentils, chickpeas, veggie chicken, and a curry mix, and a light dessert. They did not get to choose the menu—I did—but they could choose to eat any part of it. The rest could be for future meals, but wow did they ever eat almost all of it. What a joy to share! It is gone and there were no photographs taken, but the stories that passed forth and back shall remain.

  1. I am preparing to teach English in China to some presumably-eager students in Beijing, and they are even going to pay me for it. I will stay in Milwaukie, Oregon and at the speed of light (minus a little resistance from local copper wires and thanks to this: http://mentalfloss.com/article/60150/10-facts-about-internets-undersea-cables) we will trade words, maybe stories, forth and back again across the world.

There may be some good stuff from it all. And it will settle in for a bit, wings aflutter most certainly. 

Oh, that glassed frame cost me $1.50; there was a half-price sale at The Salvation Army store . . .