Amazing. Notwithstanding.

Imogen Heap’s original lyrics notwithstanding, this cover of “Hide and Seek” is amazing, most things considered. And notwithstanding, as I said.


Tf3‘s self-titled album will be released soon enough, and available too in any stores that may be open. Also amazing, and fittingly preceding the song this morning, was Prayer—lots of it.

Regardless, and notwithstanding again, there may be some bountiful, musical (music is our language) harvest at any time.

Here is a bountiful, edible harvest for right now:

It took 5 minutes to pick from the garden plot, but so much longer to become ready. Wait too long, of course, and there is nothing much left to pick. Yet, there will be another season for it all, and not much time shall have passed. It will be the new now.

All photographs © 2019 Timothy Waugh

But this is a photograph of a department-store photograph, so credit goes to the anonymous her:

I dared not open a bottle of it.

And here is another of Imogen Heap’s fine efforts (a regular oval shape, apparently, but perhaps also by way of 17th-century French from the Latin . . . ):