Like a present, but for ‘now’ it’s better.

I’d just settled into my chair when the gift arrived.

The music has been a party-full of presents all week, some of them with true presence, but this was too timely, too timeless too to be less than a miracle.

Maazel and Ravel. Vienna!

It’s a magnificent performance and it’s making music across space from this:

Did I mention I’m camping?

I can hardly call it camping with a straight face cuz I’m in a chair and I’m settled, as I said. And there’s an actual bed. And Bluetooth.

But, there’s actual firewood too. And an axe. And coffee. So, it’s camping, right?

But my coffee is from Tanzania and I brewed it in this:

I pressed it in a French way. But it’s got soot all over it. But it’s stainless! Am I camping?

Yes, I’m in nature and the van is called a camper and I can prove the nature later with pictures but there’s not enough bandwidth to upload them right now. So I’m camping.

And, I will get to that upload soon; I gotta reply in kind(ness) with my own gifts across space . . .