tuned in

At 7:02 this morning I tried to ignore the music, the horrible song that was playing on 89.9 All Classical radio. Mr. Dvořák sir, that is one crappy title, but the backstory of the tune is sorta sweet . . .

Simultaneously my morning reading was this from Psalm 107 and I found comfort:IMG_8168.jpeg

Then, I really tuned in.

Holy woodwind!

Never have I heard a glissando like it (except the other times I have heard the same recording)! You know, at the beginning of Rhapsody in Blue, when the clarinet flutters in a husky tone and then trills more lightly, and then slides, slides, slides in and up before introducing the theme?

Here was David Shifrin (Artistic Director of Chamber Music Northwest) performing with the Cleveland Orchestra, and dear Lord it was smooth, slow, and delicious . . .

There are others out there, glissandi I mean, that are touted as, e.g. “This insane Rhapsody in Blue glissando is one of the best we’ve ever heard,” but who are these touters? Shifrin’s is glorious!


I waited it out and Ivan Davis was super duper on piano too. And how is it (thanks to steel and railroad money way back when, I suppose) that Ohio has two amazing orchestras, Cincinnati and Cleveland?

Well, a bit later it was time to hit the road so I pressed “play” and another miracle was streaming on Tidal (hearty endorsement). I gave up on Apple Music because of quality issues, but Tidal is superb.


Silence is good too and is a cause for rejoicing according to that Psalm.

I believe it.