Further on the Path

I walked up the hill and to the right toward the garden. Along the way, I saw two of these:

Most slugs, including banana slugs, can be both male and female. Their mating “ritual” is quite the sight, but I barely peeked. This one, I believe, was female at the time because when I placed my finger close to see if she could sense my presence without touching . . .
. . . she altered her path and turned away. 

Next, I saw these:

Once in the garden, there was abundant fruit (tomatoes are):

At the edge of my plot, things are getting very ripe.

At the back of the garden space, I found a path leading . . . where?

It IS a path.

I had to find out, of course, so I took the path and arrived here:

A wonderful home (for bees).

I saw this too. Tell me: how did a peanut get all the way from Georgia to Oregon? 

Flying squirrel?

Shabbat shalom . . .