All: God’s creatures, great and small.

On the way to the garden, very near it, I spied a creature.

It was then what it appears to be now. Cute. Darling. Beautifully delicate (strong!) and amazing. She was sleeping, I am sure of it, but when I knelt to be closer, she turned her head (?) toward me, antennae raised . . .

Best to let slumbering slugs sleep soundly I thought, but at the sight (?) of me, she oozed away. She may be sleeping again, or she may be in the garden munching my broccoli.

I have not seen her since, but I imagine I will again soon-ish.


And later I saw this pattern, the sun casting its shadow through a fence with God-only-knows-what on the other side:


I am smiling at God’s unfathomable creativity, full of surprises and wonder.

Shabbat shalom . . .