It’s time for gun control.

Although I am a proud owner of a 50-year-old Daisy Red Rider (and possibly three others that are much louder), I have supported gun control for years. It’s time for stringent measures in the U.S.

Here are some facts:

Here is the example of Japan.

Here is the horror of the cover of Time magazine:

Amid cries of “Don’t take away my personal liberty!” we can hear the sounds of children weeping.  Those others have no liberty anyway, apart from J. Christ.

Back in the day Daisy and I could knock a wasp off its nest at 20 meters; we shot houseflies when they landed in an unwelcome manner; we put stick matches into the top of a fence post and struck them by hitting the match head just right. And, as I said once, Daisy shot me in the foot at 0 meters during the summer of 1967. 

But wait! Daisy did not shoot me. I did, as I carefully picked her up, pumped her with air, and pulled the trigger. My aim was dead on as I shot myself in the foot.

It is time for gun control. If we pass by this moment, we may be shooting ourselves the same way.