Sweet Communion

Here, for Sunday, are some snippets from a future post. I am in Texas now, at Mom’s, and the first one awake, even with the infernal change in time zones. Next awake was Rowdy the cat. I have now let him outside three times because there is a lady friend out there and he is unstoppable.

I’d thought I would finish this for you by today, but I have thought other things also and they are unfinished as well.

Coming soon:

I think we had an overly-unfolded-folded-unfolded map with the big picture, but mostly we just followed the signs.

. . . an inviting fire was burning in the massive fireplace and it was all rustic to the Nth.

Now, I am marveling at that idea of exploring in the garden. I’m going back to the Torah. Again.

We had been all about the drive, and then the fishing and the eating and pooping. Now here we were with only our hearts turning toward God, and on the traditional day for it across the world, we knew.

—From “Signs”, a future post on WaughPaper