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He’s still quite alive. What in the heck does he think about all this christianity that appears to be going on?

Jesus rant

Although I read that Borg book over twenty years ago, and the Pelikan is a classic, I recently picked the others up at a book sale. I like the idea presented in Haight that from Jesus there were divergent tracks and that Luke has presented only one of them. If Jesus Against Christianity sounds a little combatant, after a cursory taste it is not. Rather it is reasonable and reminds me of the beginning of what might one day finally become a wonderful conversation between us. The Lane book is an outlier, granted, but I have found some useful thoughts presented there by a mild-mannered atheist writing about the Bible from a professional historian’s viewpoint, and it all relates to the Jesus rant anyway.

I am applauding all of the God/Spirit work that is happening and especially the kind that Jesus would be (is) doing, but I am scratching my head about some of the rest. You?

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