It’s nice to know of updates from time to time.

Operating systems for devices, adjusting for magnetic declination on a compass, clocks, news, that old calendar on a back wall—all receive benefits from a good update.

They sent me an email and Catholic Charities of Oregon has updated their site. It looks great.

“Worthy causes abound, and I cheer!!! for those helping to do God’s work in any way”.

Two thoughts about that sentence. Three.

  1. I thought it and wrote it. It’s in quotation marks for fun.
  2. Me ‘cheering’ may not be recognized as such. It looks like a smile into the distance; lying flat on the floor in prayer; typing words on a blog; gazing into the sky, higher, and slowly closing my eyes; just now raising a mug, and saying the actual word “cheers” [while the radio is playing a feverish rendition of Rachmaninov’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini] to you.
  3. ‘God’s work’ is being updated as well. What a miracle. I am sitting here at the table, facing a deadline to submit something important to a school, but wanting to cheer right now too, also extremely important. I am sort of nervous-like tapping my right foot and short-shaking my head as if grooving to another beat, trying to tune, fine-tune into the majesty of what is going on.