In the Works

I have in the works a fairly complicated post, as it turns out. I began thinking about it early today, drew a mental outline, and now I have given it the working title X/Y (except Y/X maybe). It involves a local book sale, a boy dealing with anxiety, epic love, a picture of romance (an actual picture of the word “romance” written in a list by me a while ago), navigating social structures without crossing boundaries whether I like it or not compared to the ethics of doing laundry, and a dose of English grammar regarding the use of prepositions.

And it involves music and time travel within and beyond a lifetime and I have come home after being around people a lot a lot today—hence the forthcoming complicated post? I have the key in my hand and the door opens. It involves, as I said, the things above and more and it is all true and can really help sort some things out, hopefully, and I am thinking of the complicated-ness as I walk in the door and move it closed slowly, silently because of the oil I put on the hinges. I keep my shoes on and walk close to the center of the room to pray. I can hear almost all of the silence so I turn on the radio as I simply relax and accept it all, regardless.

And I pray.

And this is playing: