To frolick a bit.

It is a good idea; I know it is.

There is just something off with my implementation.

For only a few dollars I have opened a restaurant. It is free for birds and squirrels (at least that one item is free: suet). Coffee is free too, to any passerby. I have no taker yet—on the coffee—but I will not stop trying. I really like the idea of waking up to another life form, and I thought that going into business sounded like something else I can try.

For several days, however, my restaurant has just sat there. It has hung there, actually, a sad comment on the money that I wasted years ago on that business management minor. And then I remembered something I had learned: “Location. Location. Location.”

Using a chair, a length of metal tubing, and a $23,000 titanium hip I moved the restaurant 7 centimeters straight up and it has made all the difference. I have lost count of the customers today, but it is close to a dozen and I only have twenty digits to work with with which to work frolick.

As I said, I am losing count.

But the coffee is still free.