Informed Delivery

If you sign up through the USPS for “Informed Delivery” then you get an email each day with a photo of the mail that you are going to get. Like this morning at 8:18 I got this:



That told me I’d get a certified letter and another piece of mail.

I knew that 1) the office might sign for the certified letter and I might get it today 2) probably I will get it in two days because T. will leave a slip for me to sign 3) he might knock on my door, I would sign and get it today.

Why was the date on the letter March 27 but I just received it by certified mail on 7 June? And that was from back in December anyway, from 31 December 2018.  And then March 27 and finally 7 June. Oh well.

T. knocked on my door; I did sign; I did get the letter today.

Shabbat Shalom