Lavender Bliss

Alas, they are out of Earl Grey tea until the shipment comes in tomorrow by way of—I imagine—a chest of tea found in Boston harbor, lying there since that infamous Tea Party, a party of protest due to government-official financial irregularities.

And that brings us full circle to the present, doesn’t it? With king trump hiding behind red tape, that tape getting thinner each day, we will have more irregularities to sip on no doubt. Will there be protests? Yes, and there will be a party or two, one red and one blue, and many independent protesters as well. These times are familiar, yet they are unprecedented at this level; and with the swift flow of information, they are made more volatile.

Nevertheless, S., the proprietor of my haunt this morning, assured me that she could make the equal to my usual London Fog, and we’ve named it Lavender Bliss. It is breakfast tea with steamed milk, a pump of vanilla and two pumps of lavender and it is delicious. The tea is English breakfast tea, and what irony that I drink it without tossing it and with no thoughts of disloyalty:)!

The tea leaves themselves, of course, came from another hemisphere entirely, just as they did in 1773 when the Sons of Liberty, dressed as Native Americans, dumped them. It all makes me want to play dress up and party independently too.

You are invited.