Not narcoleptic and far from insomniatic, this night I have intersomnia, my word for this irregular sleep/wake state I am in. I am getting plenty of rest these nights and it has been nice. I stopped taking pain medication something like a fortnight after my “total joint hip replacement, left side, anterior entry” three weeks ago to the day (but not to the hour because I am already awake on this day). It simply does not hurt much and my mobility is remarkable, thank God. Even the doctors and those blessed nurses, especially that one nurse, are surprised.

Not having any idea, but having listened to those who knew of other new hipsters, I thought I might be confined mostly to bed or to Dad’s chair still and somewhat sedated or at least in more pain. The best anecdote was from a guy who told me he only used his walker for three weeks and then a cane for a few weeks more. But I used the walker for maybe five days, and I have taken to leaving my grandad’s cane hanging on the door, just so I will remember it. I have found it useful for getting a little sympathy (I’ll take it), and for knocking things from trees or poking around here and there, but I do not need it except possibly for going down stairs. Going up is fine, and is fun now because it is easy.

That is new to me, the ease of going up stairs. I never slowed down much over the six years of not having much left, hipwise, only right. But I compensated and it was awkward getting around although I mostly hid it well. I stuffed insoles in my left shoes and boots and tweaked them with socks and constantly adjusted them, trying to level my gait. It hurt like hell almost all of the time, however. Oh well, it doesn’t now, and I am ever grateful. I have thrown away all my insoles, or in one case have paired them equally in a pair of Converse high tops cuz they have no support, and like I said I am very grateful.

So, “Hi there” on 23 May A.D. 2019, 3:08 a.m. PDT. Odd that it is not technically anno Domini [nostri Jesu Christi] 2019, because Jesus was not born 2019 years ago! Yet we are stuck with the error we have inherited from Dionysius Exiduus whom we can largely thank for our system of marking years. Oh, Jesus was born to be sure, thank God again:), but something like 2023-2029 years ago we now know. Based upon some evidence I have always leaned toward Jesus having been born in 6 B.C.

By a certain logic that makes it A.D. 2025, and 10-year-olds can drive in most U.S. states, and we are left with the horror that in South Dakota there may be those eight years and six months old who are legally flying down those long stretches of rural highway.

I imagine how I am six years hence, how you are then, and I wonder.

Awake, I hope . . .