Perfect Fit

“It’s a perfect fit.”

That is what one surgeon said of another surgeon’s work regarding the placement of a metal and plastic hip joint in a human body, the body being mine. Here’s what he was looking at when he said it.


That was good news to me and followed nicely the news that my incision was texbook, “what we always hope for”, as the PT said. I am ever grateful to the creator of surgeons and physical therapists and titanium and the chemical compounds that constitute polyethelene and human flesh and flowers and asparagus and salmon and all good things. In short, I am ever grateful for everything since that creator called it all good once. Everything=good, his words and mine.

It is a pretty sweet deal when you think about, right? That we are a part of one big bowl of goodness and that we get to swim around in it is even more good news. And then just as it was all on the verge of being tarnished beyond redemption, it did not happen. It was all redeemed back into its original goodness by an intercession beyond our understanding.

I am sitting here mid-day in Dad’s chair with a virgin vinyl recording of Schumann’s Symphony #2 at full volume. I can crank it up because my neighbors are out; I heard upstairs D* leave for work this morning around 5:30 as she always does, and I just saw next-door R* out for a walk at 90 years old with only a cane. I am sitting here with my own cane, itself possibly 90 years old from my grandad, and I barely need it anyway because of the perfect fit. I said virgin vinyl because I found an unopened copy of Schumann in my stack, peeled off the plastic and put it on.

I feel okay about sitting here mid-day because I am supposed to be doing precisely this, as the surgeon told me to walk a bit less for awhile, and my electric bill has been paid which assures me that as long as the myriad systems are functional I can power the speakers that get the signal from the amplifier that is fed by the pre-amp that receives the signal from the turntable spinning the record while a diamond stylus tracks every groove of the marvelous music.

Oh well, enough about all of that, because, although I enjoy these things and thoughts and experiences so much, what I really want is 1) to do all I can as a child of the Father/Creator 2) with you and 3) for all the world with a healthy dose of radical acceptance thrown in for good measure.

As soon as I am fit, it will be perfect.