Good Looking

I don’t look back much except in rosemary moments. In that regard, I have noticed that it’s high time for some fresh rosemary, a renewal of sorts. There is plently of rosemary about my kitchen and my mind but it is mostly dried and concentrated in flavor. There is nothing else like fresh rosemary, as it can be put aside to dry or used as is to flavor any dish. I have eaten it fresh with dark chocolate and almonds–a delicious combination–but it is usually tossed place carefully in a cooked dish or salad. As a garnish it is both visually good looking and good to eat as well.

So, there is some good in looking back.

As to looking around, it is best I think. There is really no end to it, all of the “around”, and this creation from the Creator who really knows what he is doing is simply stunning. I say “knows” what he is doing because he has done it, but also is doing it as he continues to create, again with no end in sight.

Looking forward is fine as well. We may do it without a care, really, if we accept whatever we see. It is called radical acceptance as a clinical or therapeutic or philosophical term. Here is an example:

I may look forward to seeing an elephant in the wild, either African or Indian. I also look forward to opening my door each morning and seeing what’s what. Suppose that I plan to go to India someday and suppose I plan to wake up and greet the day tomorrow (today I have already done so, seeing a squirrel within a meter of me just staring into my eyes and then skipping to a nearby tree, hopping on its side and then staring at me for minutes as I clicked my tongue in peace, having learned the squirrel language sometime in high school along the Rolling Fork river in Arkansas).

Suppose that sometime tonight a circus caravan is disrupted by a minor accident while traveling through Milwaukie on its way to the Moda Center in Portland. Suppose that one of the trucks is turned over, that no one is injured by it, and that the back door to the truck is left ajar and an elephant escapes into freedom. It goes in search of water and food and is gone for 15 minutes before being found. As usual, I have planned to open my door and as I greet the morning I also greet an elephant from India standing there staring down at me. I accept that outcome and am thrilled to do so and it is something that I planned although ENTIRELY not as I had planned it. What a joy in the unexpected, yet unsought and unforeseen manner in which my desire is fulfilled. Yea!

So, I look forward to some things, you see, and I plan somewhat for them, and I work for them and prepare for them, and I accept that the outcome may be entirely unexpected, but still what I desire, dang it.

Now, if I want to see an elephant, it is probably not wise to keep opening my door each morning, expecting it to happen; I will get to that another way. But I will still open my door and see what’s what, whatever the what is (“Hi Bob, I bring you peace” short click, long click further back on the tongue, short softer click).

Here’s to looking good and good looking too.