“Don’t over-do it.”

“Don’t over-do it.” That is the message I am hearing all of these post-operative days. Recovery seems to be going very well, and yes it hurts but so do many other things and I am used to it anyway. Consequently, I know that I need to be careful, heeding the pain as a proper signal and that I need to listen to those who are telling me to slow down. Again and again, they are telling me that and I don’t want to but I will . . .

After a walker seems unnecessary I will switch to a walking stick perhaps. I have many from which to choose because Dad started collecting them after I gave him one for his birthday, years ago. He is flying around heaven now debating Paul and circling back around to hear some more proverbs from Solomon, but back on earth, he loved the stick I made for him. Its story is worth a separate post, so come visit again for that one later this week.

Have a day full of wonder.