How many homes?

Home is where the heart is: true or false? True and false? I suppose it may be true in any sense you wish, if it can stand the test of time. It was first said, reportedly, by Pliny the Elder over two thousand years ago, probably in Rome.

In my own case, it is a relative statement, not at all bound by space-time and there may be many homes, but only one of them ultimate and true. I did feel a sense of returning “home” when I walked into my apartment today, changed in so many ways,

First, I was using a walker—this time to walk and not to do exercises. Second, both of my legs are so close to the same length that I have given away the urge to compare them. It is fairly glorious, and when I reflected upon another length, time, that I have been in pain I was bemused. I have been saying three years because that is how long I have been actively pursuing 2 May and its surgery as a goal. In counting the time I have been limping and compensating due to a degrading left hip joint, however, I found that it has been at least six years.

Now, a miracle has occurred gradually and suddenly as The Benevolent One has opened door after door and straightened the curve of space-time into a short line segment, ending at my apartment door a few hours ago. My blood pressure was quite low today and had to be monitored for a while, or I would have been home even sooner. Thank God that I stayed overnight, as it would have been a mistake to have elected discharge last night so soon after surgery.

I feel terrific, and my pain is easily manageable and this is a kind of home here as I recover.

May you be at home too, comfortable and at peace wherever you are.

Shabbat Shalom . . .