When is it?

I feel twenty mostly, 23 to be precise. That is in mind/spirit/most-of-the-time body years. In temporal Earth years, I must admit that I am a little older. Okay, I am 59, although my left hip joint is functioning like it’s 99, no offense to agent 99 on Get Smart. In Mars years I am 31.7 and on Venus, I am 97.1.

After Thursday titanium alloy and high-impact polyethylene—affixed to the bones by a biocompatible porous substance that will allow my bones to grow into each end of the new joint—will all be sewn into me. It’s gonna be great, and then I have no idea how old I will be or where I will be it.

Yikes, pray for me, please. It will be easy, Thursday 2 May is National Day of Prayer!

Oh, I got one of these too, cuz a friend with a car has graciously volunteered to cart me around as needed and this will make it easier:


Other friends, new and old (how old?:) are visiting and bringing food for a few days. I can hardly wait to taste the conversation and the snacks, and then soon I can do the same for them and others, moving around like a spring chicken again.

I hope to travel, and it is theoretically possible that I could rocket to Mars or to Venus although I plan to help with the Kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven” for the rest of my temporal years. And I have a garden to tend as well.

Ugh, regarding earth travel I guess I will have to get some sort of pass to get me through TSA with that metal inside me. Like I said, it’s gonna be great when it is done, and if the anesthesiologist is good I won’t remember any of it.