The plot thickens (as the garden grows).


Through a layer of clean, it-will-compost cardboard to cover the tilled (ugh) soil, topped with added soil, peat moss, and mulch are planted:

Tomatoes: 3 hybrid, 2 heirloom

Peppers: 1 sweet, 1 hot

Peas: Sugar snap

Beans: Blue lake (but green)

Broccoli: hmmm IHNI

Cabbage: Napa

Thyme: English

Onions: Sweet red

Cucumber: Boston pickling

Off-site: Rosemary, Oregano, Lavender, Chamomille

I hope to be harvesting (it’s bordered on three sides by a path, yea!) by the time I am recovered enough from surgery to walk up the hill and to the right, Lord willing, and ain’t no way Johnson creek is gonna rise that high. If it is sooner, I may need a ride . . .