On this day, welcome to forever.

On this day;

In 1849 Walter Hunt patented the “safe pin” (safety pin), and he sold the rights for $400 to pay off a debt of $15. Lest we scoff, $400 is > $12,000 today. Belated thanks also go to the Greeks who fashioned fibulae (also safe) in the 14th century B.C. to secure their tunics. Billions of safety pins are now manufactured each year, primarily by only two U.S. companies.

In 1912 the RMS Titanic left Southampton, England on its maiden and final voyage.

In 1960 the U.S. Senate passed the Civil Rights Bill.

Born in 1775 was Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, the German physician who pioneered homeopathic medicine.

In 1933 FDR established the CCC. Oh for a U.S. president of such quality today!

In 1998, the Good Friday Agreement with Northern Ireland was reached in Belfast.

Once upon another time, the universe was greatly improved.

Photograph “Wistful” or “Through lead glass at the top of marble stairs we see a path into beyond.” © 2019 Timothy Waugh