Will you bring the olives?

When are you coming to my place? I invited you when I invited the world to come over every Wednesday night.

It is very safe, warm, and hospitable, and I have learned to behave myself. I have plenty of healthy food, fresh water, almond milk, and a small container of chocolate Silk that I have been saving.

I have a nice floor space with some quilts to spread, three throw pillows, and chairs too if you want to be formal at first. I have Dad’s chair, of course, as well as two antique oak chairs, two teak chairs, a bench, two other wood chairs, a wooden folding chair, and four card table chairs.

I have thousands of choices for music, a head full of topics for conversation, and ears that love to listen.

My place is always tidy, but never stuffy, and you can settle right in just like it’s home. You can leave whenever you want, but you have to come over first.

When you come, will you bring the olives?