Tuesday is a Good Day for Tea

By an amazing journey from a Proto-Indo-European base, dei/deyā/dīdyā to the Proto-Germanic god Tiwaz or Tyr, Old Norse, then to the Old English “Tiwesdæg”, Tiw’s Day, we get Tuesday.


In most languages of Latin origin, this day is named after Mars. This is true for Japanese and Korean as well. Pali and Sanskrit can trace the name to Mars also.

In other languages, including Bulgarian and Russian, the name is derived from the word for “second” (the day after Monday or Moon-day).

Interesting, all of it, and how I’d love to discuss it over some tea (and a shared marshmallow, caramelized) before moving slowly toward the evening hours and then into the night . . .

I smile at the thought of all that, but my smile is much more sideways than usual as I am still numbed from the filling of a small cavity on the back side of an upper canine next to the last incisor on my right.