Through Any Storm

At any angle, and through any storm . . . there is a promise.


On day one, in absentia or not, we have the promise of hope!

This morning at Oak Hills Presbyterian church in Milwaukie, the word of the day was “surrender” and it set well with this soul. I discovered warmth and kindness–quite genuine at first glance–and I will be meeting with the pastor this Thursday. Ugh, I even committed to attend the men’s breakfast on Saturday because of the sweet invitation from an older gentleman while we stood together in the immaculate men’s “prayer” room down that hallway across from the women’s room.

I also learned that Baroque music and high church have one thing in common for me: I like them both in occasional, but not constant doses. This was middle ground and it was a delight, as was the sermon which was full of insight and was a fine example of exposition.

May you be blessed on this day, and each day, one day at a time in this life, until there is no day/no night and we step outside time toward the feast that surely awaits us . . .