Well, we can start with “Marnie ” I suppose.

Never before have I heard a more complicated, convoluted, weird (really, here the word “weird” makes sense) introduction to an opera broadcast on The Metropolitan Opera. It is broadcast widely on many radio stations, but of course mine is 89.9 in Portland, OR.

 Granted that the story of Marnie, and later Hitchcock’s https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058329/mediaviewer/rm3649845248 are fairly complex, no kidding, and while I am listening, this is truly beyond even the word weird.

It has become, currently, like a bit of yummy jam on a perfect biscuit with a bit of butter with another bit of butter, settled into one thing upon a nice little plate that has come from thinking about it the night before, and it makes it what it is today.

Yummy, like I said.

All on any morning of any day of any year of any life.

How, how, I’d love to be in the audience there with you, only you, holding hands? sharing a printed program? pretending we do not know each other?

But for them to take multiple minutes for minuscule meanings of who knows what at this point? Please, MET just give us the dignity of our “getting it or not”.

Either we do, or we do not.

Get it.

Most of us, if we are there, have paid dearly already https://www.metopera.org/season/2018-19-season/marnie/

What a waste of time in my probably-not-that-humble-opinion, that you took so much of it for an introduction!

So, shoot me if I have done the same thing.

One thing.

To introduce.

A single theme, that everyone should get or not.

Do you get it?

“I love you.”