Is it a pattern or is it a boundary?

Well, pattern recognition is a fine perma-culture practice, a desired trait. Knowing where boundaries lie is probably good too. I have one in good measure, but the other?

Nevertheless I just pulled up onto a hill and landscapers had two fine Fords with good hitches and wow those are nice trailers, and they are blocking all the boxes for the hill.

Seen it before, a pattern like this, so on the way up I honk. An amigo comes out and sees my flashers as I you-turn to deliver. I hold up 5 fingers. That’s all I need, 5 minutes, I tell him as one dumps a final load from the Bobcat into that fine trailer and the other is already pulling that load up past the boxes.

It takes me 1, not five, and I make sure he sees my smile and my thank you in two languages.

More than two . . .