German is germane.


I do write, just like the radio told me at the magic hour of six this morning. I have given all of the figuring, the computing, the analytics (high test score, yea! sure, whatever), most of the questions that begin with “wh”, and so forth, all of it—I give away.

That’s before the sun today, even before it dawns on me, and it seems late. I am looking around at clocks and so forth, and then I look out the window and it’s dark out there.

I’ve called in. I am taking a “me” day off work. It is an automated system and I just press keys on my phone and wait for a confirmation code.

That “me” day is a you day, of course, cuz of the germane German on the radio earlier.

My niece needs something, and I may very well be one of the few that can give it to her. So I am mailing it in a few minutes with irony and my entire being as well.