Still . . .

Like much these days, those chores and calls and so forth took longer than desired last night. But that part is done. Tidy. Hardly any loose ends remaining.

But then I fell completely asleep in my chair and I wrote not about “hair color” or about how God sees us and things that matter to him and the nature of his true church and the reaches of his realm and the business we are to be about and what I thought about St. John on the sign of a building I entered yesterday for the first time (good thoughts, btw). I’ll have to write all that later after even more work is done for today.

And “good grief” the radio music this morning is of a “romantic torment” theme from a new host named Jenna who was introduced last week I think. Those are her words: romantic torment.

It most certainly is.

Oh God it really is the Adagio now from Gayne. On the radio, Jenna left and Warren entered and Khachaturian is filling the place where a Christmas tree was.

It’s the season of epiphany and I actually have frankincense and myrrh on a table here. Still waiting for the gold . . .