It’s what we do, right?

Well, first let’s get this out of the way. Last night I was going to write of “hair color” after chores. Ugh. The chores took more than I had, so let’s dive into hair color staightway, and then, later, we will discuss “Just So”.

I will go ahead and tell you that I could discuss “Just So . . .” , forever.


Strike that.


Yea!!! Boys and girls it’s time for hair color!

It is last night, and I am at the recycling bins\garbage alcove next to the laundry room, adjacent to the mailboxes. And there she is.

It is a person, and if I anguished over it or checked postal records I could come up with her name (IHNI) , but mostly I know her by her hair color. Hair colors, I should say/write because it/they (many) seem to be going around town quite a bit of late.

I went first, with a smile and then words: “Hey, how ya’ doin’? [Good] I like your hair color this time. I noticed it last night but I didn’t get a chance to tell you. [Yeah, I decided to go darker on top.] It’s good this way, my opinion. [Thank you. {pause} Thank you.]

One of us, not sure, “How was Christmas? Or maybe how was your Christmas?”

She said something about relatives or whatever, and then I said in reply. “Well yeah, it was good. I had this church and I helped feed the homeless and then they kicked me out. It just occured to me that the last thing I did there was help feed them . . .”

But I’m good. It was an incredible Christmas, actually.

And then I went on to explain circumstances and context briefly, of course. Of course!

Well, hair-color girl nailed it: “That’s not right.” She might have even said, “That’s f*cked up” and if she said that, then I said, yeah, you nailed it. I could have said “to a cross”, but what I did was: I smiled into her eyes as she walked her dog away. and I dumped my garbage and recycled every last thing that I could.

Next time, now that she knows, we can talk about God. That is how he does it, how he works, and what the man named Jesus was all about.

It’s what we do, right?

‘. . . you do . . .  don’t you?”

“Yes ma’am. I do.”

We do.