The lights are now dimmed upon the tree. This afternoon I will remove the bells, ribbons, and lights and place them into a box or basket or bag. Maybe I will label it but I have no actual plan other than to keep going after Christmas.

I would do it now, but it would be ridiculous to try to type to you, write to you, talk to you on one hand and do something else with the other. So you get it all this morning. God got it first, of course, and then I walked to the wall and pulled the plug on the past.

I won’t go back, except with rosemary.

Today is day one in many ways, and I am going into the unknown church-wise, but Capon would be proud perhaps. Or he might call me a fool. I am thinking about that and it makes me laugh. I am starting local, just a short walk away, and you know I am fond of John and I must start somewhere, right?

Time will tell, and then I will tell time to turn away. “You are no tyrant as you tick and tock and move numbers around as if you own them. You do not. And they are not numbers, only numerals, and Arabic no less. I will make jokes about you, and those who believe will laugh with me.”


It looked like this yesterday, but today it will be much brighter.