1. a place where things merge or flow together (especially rivers);

2. a flowing together

Terminology gets it just right. It’s a fine app that combines several dictionaries, merging them into . . .

Oh, it’s not only an app (app)arently.

IMG_6335.jpegIt was at that place up there where it happened. When? I’d have to check postal records, so I’m not going to guess. I have a general idea of when, of course, but the where is relatively fixed, thank you Albert.


I can tell you that the trees were green but there was no gate greenery and no wreath. And, it was much warmer and there were no leaves on the ground.

A confluence, the confluence, or at the very least my awareness of its certainty is what happened. When I say certainty I mean both its specificity and its truth. It was and is a love that flows from God, and it is certain–specific and true.

Strange, really, how it came to me again today. My route is Shade. Only Shade. But back in the day, long before I had Prayer, Gratitude, Joy, Salvation, and God routes, I had five other routes and casually gave them names too. One of them was River, because it takes me along the river on various streets and lanes, and along River Road.

It looks like this in one place (today):


When I walked into the station this morning, there was a situation in which a person needed to be on his own route, and the person designated for that route did not know the other vacant route (6737 formerly River), but he used to do my route, 6773 which I deem Shade. But Shade is only for me, you see. To everyone else it is 6773.

“Hey Timothy, would you be willing to trade with J**** because we called in R**** to do his route (my former Joy, btw), and you are the only person left who knows them all. So will you trade and let J**** do your route so R**** can do his route, and you can do the one that is left, 6737?”

“Sure, if it will help. It makes sense, and I don’t mind.”

It all worked out fine, and then when I got to that one place on a route I used to do, it all came to me again.

It was a confluence of space, and there was no time. Only that deep, deep river was real to me at 12:30 p.m. today, along the one river which contains all rivers. And Shade was there anyway, and has been ever since.

The postal records will show it. I am certain.

I saw this today too:


Beauty, regardless of where I am. Or when I am.


And this:


Rustic, but not too rustic I trust. I mean, it is there right now, so you should enjoy it while you can. I will show you exactly where it is. Just ask.

Shabbat Shalom . . .