Blessed are the peacemakers.

Sometimes there is a difference between a peace-keeper, and a peacemaker. It is the peacemakers who have that promise of blessed-ness (Matthew 5:9).

How to do it?

Well, we could make love and not war if it were still the 1960s, and that would be nice.

We could fight, even without love, until there is no fight left. But, the absence of a fight does not a peace make.

If there is no peace, and none can be made (the conditions are simply not there), and it is not even close to the 1960s–hasn’t been for years–then there comes a time to walk away from the absence of that peace. Peace may come naturally to both or all, but the one who walks (if done in grace and with courage and in congress with the creator, and after having exhausted all other natural attempts) he can have his peace and eat it too.

If there is already a peace and there exist conditions for a true shalom, we could fight for it, fight against what is against it, fight whatever is against it, and then water the garden that grows that peace until it can be harvested.


Photograph “This does not look like fighting, not at all . . .” © 2019 Timothy Waugh