Nothing random about everything.

Well, by now you know of my random ramblings and how to sort it all out–thank God, truly I do thank him–so here is my post for this evening, moving swiftly into night:

  • That God up there has continued to create since the very first Day One, and he has not ceased, except perhaps on the very first Sabbath.
  • He is purely benevolent.
  • He has this thing that we call “church”, and it is not entirely the same as what he means when he says “kingdom”.
  • His church is global, across the planet, and I like that a lot. His kingdom is far more vast, even than his earthly church.
  • The chosen one, the Christ, prayed directly to his own Father for that kingdom to become on earth, just as it is in heaven. We can quite safely assume that such a pure prayer was/is/ever shall be answered, and the same Father, our shared Father, hears our prayers too because we offer them in much the same way when we are at our best. When we are not at our best it does not matter. The reason is that the Christ intercedes as promised, thus our own prayers become his. This is stunning wonder and glory and brings me right now to tears, just typing. Dear God, his majesty is a marvel more than metaphor.
  • Why do the jar makers so often place the O-ring so that the little tab obstructs the clasp (like the example on the right)? Is it so I then I have to remove it, rotate it 90 degrees or so, and then place it back on, working for it a little, so that I can get to my almonds?


  • God is at work constantly in all things, even when we sleep, and he delights in it. I am shaking my head just thinking about it, trying somehow, I suppose, to order the thoughts by shaking them up. Oh my God, they are not in order and then they are, and it is not his work that has re-ordered itself, it is my thoughts, our thoughts, that have become ordered around his. This is a miracle of mind and synapse shift, a non-sensical neverending normalization of neurons, or whatever.
  • I am looking for a new church home because I am leaving the previous one. I say home, meaning a place, because his church covers the earth. This excites me and does not currently cause me dismay, because the fellowship of friends from the old home (only 10 hours old, ha) will remain. Those friends are real, and some of them true. True. I know it and believe it and am counting on it.
  • These could be bottles of exotic (but not too exotic) perfume. Nice. But, they are oil and vinegar, not perfume, and they were a Christmas gift left at my door by the property managment company that runs this place where I live now. Really kind, these folk are, and how I ended up here is a story for another time. Which we have.


  • Last year, after Christmas, I heard “How was your Christmas?” hundreds of times. I tried to answer honestly each time. This year, not one person has said it, not even co-workers or customers out on my route Shade. Everyone is saying “Happy New Year.”
  • This was a very good concert back when, but it makes an even better mission statement:


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