Striking a Good Balance

Today has that, a good balance about it. There’s an ample, slightly above average amount of mail with light parcels, yea, and an EDDM. That’s an every door direct mailing tired thumb no caps there, and that keeps things balanced. Not too easy, not at all hard, not frazzled or stirred up, but still . . . like water. He leads us beside still waters.

Why keep things stirred up? He does it for us, as in There’s a stirring deep within me.

I’ll leave it to him and tomorrow will be another marker for it. How many markers IHNI but they’ll be cashed in soon enough.

For now there’s a good balance . . .

It comes again in a single drop.

For now.

This just in: the queen of the night is singing. “The Magic Flute” and Mozart speak across space-time. It can be done, after all.