Late Start

Well, that Christmas rush that slowed me down was a joy unknown before, all things considered. And I used to listen to public radio–NPR and her affiliates–but as you know it’s AllClassical and I most of the time these days. Back in those other days however, I did enjoy “All Things Considered” hosted by Nora. She stepped down last January, and I have not heard much of it since.

Now, I hear things and see things and do things and believe a lot and wonder and wander and hope beyond hope and pray as I have never prayed before and ever shall I suppose–all of that–accompanied by the soundtrack of another.

But now, I am doing it with a late start. After six months of early mornings and 12-15 hours of work each day, six days of all those weeks, we are all starting at 8 a.m. now. And, I am taking a break from the ODL, that list that says “bring it on” in terms of work. They did, and I did, and it was a good ride for a time, but now I have moved my name to another list, the 10-hour List, and that means that I stay on Shade for as long as it takes (she won’t take longer than that tenth hour, surely), and I won’t work my days off except on rare occasions.

I am looking forward to the way I remember feeling when I am rested, and with the late start officially beginning today, I have a touch of that feeling already . . .

Title Photograph “Complex Gifts” © 2018 Timothy Waugh