I think we almost have it covered.

The music of late, is timely and beyond it. Even before The Festival of Carols there were snatches of Debussy here and sweeping swatches of Rachmaninoff all over. Then all the Festival was as it should have been.

Come New Years Eve, we will have the “Classical Countdown” of our favorites. I voted on the first day, 5 easy decisions.

But very “of late” the music has been, in a word, happy. At least what I know of it, of happy, seems to be coming in waves of wonder in the music. It flows and ebbs perfectly and when I’m brought almost to tears there comes a jaunt into some Baroque or a jig or something destined for a dance.

Today has been a journey through France and a few other very choice countries. Minutes ago it was Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G, a delight. Now it’s sweet Purcell, like purse-le, but from a guy named Henry.

With all the variety I think we almost have it covered.

It’s all a transition of sorts, I believe, and all day I’ve heard “Happy New Year” instead of the so-last-year “How was your Christmas?”

I like it.