In the beginning the creative voice of God was simply being. In a Word, it just was.

It was both with God and it was God. And that voice became flesh and lived with the rest of us. There was no fanfare, no ceremony as the voice of God was born. Instead, he spoke quietly, just as in the beginning, and he sent a messenger to a teenage peasant girl to tell her what would happen.

“Mary, listen to me. You are going to give birth to a son. Name him Jesus. It is a common name, we know, but this one will be great, and his kingdom will never end.”

And this little girl sang a song that has become beautiful music now and forever.

“My spirit has rejoiced in the one true God, the one who saves. The Mighy One has done great things, looking upon the humble. His mercy is for all generations everafter, to all those who show him the utmost regard. He has dispersed the proud and brought down rulers. Then he has lifted up the lowly and has filled the hungry with good things. He did this and he does it always.”

This really happened, just as prophesied and proclaimed.


Merry Christmas, again and again. . .