Back and forth. Mostly forth.

Just like Christmas, this carol is both backward pointing and forward pointing. Here is a gorgeous version, and when Ruth comes up from the deep at around 55 seconds, it makes me close my eyes. This particular carol is full of meaning in a back and forth kind of way . . .

Christmas too, points back.

Of course.

Much of it is a remembrance and a celebration of that which we remember, of the one whom we remember. But it points forward too, mostly. If it did not point ahead, then looking back would have no point.

Of course.

And when Christmas and one of her carols cause us to look and see ahead, therein lies hope. A joy beyond the season, and a peace beyond its pieces come from beyond sight to meet us now on this first day of Christmas.

It is from the deep and it makes me close my eyes with a smile.

Photograph “A Partridge” 2018 Timothy Waugh