Well, maybe “fun” was overstating it a bit.

It’s cold enough and then wet enough to run my heater all day.

I can keep the heater on low or off, and be cold


put on my sweater and/or fleece, and be warmer but ugh constricted in my movement(s)


keep my sleeves rolled up, be free, run the heater, be warm, and finish this.

I choose option 3 and am done working, mail-wise, but gotta keep going male-wise.

Now I’m here:

There’s a clean-like prayer room and the coffee is decent and the older lady clerk calls me hon. Or hun. Honey or Attila? And I get USPS gas here with the company card and I usually pump my own, illegally in Oregon?, so the gas gals and one gas guy like me.

Oh well, truly it’s all joy and worth whatever however even whenever, but “fun” was overstating it a bit . . .

It’s work.

Yea, sabbath is over. I can stop working now:)

Mail-wise anyway.