A Measure of Comfort

Dear Father,

For all of my over-the-top joy this season, and the way that you bring it and allow it to flow, and the way it seems abounding all ’round in the air, the music, the myriad sights and scents, I know that there are others for whom it may not be so.

The season may be a season of loss for some. It may be a recurring theme for them and it gives me pause and makes me mourn for them and with them. I know not what to do but to give it to you, as they may have, and ask you for comfort. Give them comfort in the precise measure in which it is needed, and then please give them more so that it fills them, thus emptying them of the sadness of loss.

Tonight, Holy One, give them your blessed shalom and allow me to wish it as well.

Pray it—that is what I mean by wishing; you know that already.

I desire it, want it, beg it as I pray it, Father. And may I always play a part, however you would have it, in passing peace and kindness to others, to another, to all.

Thank you.

Your son,


Shabbat Shalom . . .