Title: I’m sure of it, but I can’t write it all, so this is it.

I’m sitting in my truck on one hill looking across the grit of McLoughlin to another hill. I’m warm enough so I’ve turned off (yea, literally because there are no buttons) the engine and the music is bouncy, springy, quick but no urgency. I like small doses of Baroque, bit by bit, but it’s early Mozart, so . . .

It’s mid December and the load is inexplicably light.

I began today on another route, however. Still with Shade because I’m in my own truck, but the guy on Prayer (2242) didn’t get finished yesterday, along with some other routes. There was too much for them.

Five of us came in early to take those yesterday-sections out at 6:30 before coming back to do our own routes today.

That is how I saw the sun rise over Ray’s Farm . . .

More later. I always finish.

Photograph “That same newspaper is still on top of the box.” Copyright 2018 Timothy Waugh