Even when it’s horrible, it’s not that bad.

All of us are paying for that day off yesterday. It’s fairly awful on one hand. Too much really, but it will all get done.

On the other hand . . . well, as I told a customer who inquired after my well-being, “It’s what you make of it.”

I make a fair amount of delight of it all, even though I just delivered two huge blocks of black foam. I laughed and am laughing at the entire episode. Even the series, though dramatic and serious, has moments of wonder and delight, sure, but also comedy.

Taking a break on a hilltop in the sun on this crisp day, I like the way that light is shed on the subject sometimes. I’d not admit I need it, but I really like it.

Here you go (from this morning):

Yep, a frog in a corner.

Ducks. Not at all in a row.

Rustic. Beautiful.