I’m not sure conspiracy is the right word. How about “miracle”?

It is Advent!

For the next four Wednesday nights at my place, whoever is here will participate in Advent Conspiracy, an alternative way of looking at this Christmas season. Show up around 7:00 p.m. and stay forever. We will use this little book as a guide, and I will provide some light and healthy refreshements. We will have some good conversation, music, and maybe even some festive frolicking. Oh, and you can see my Noble Fir if you want, instead of that picture of it.

My door is open always, especially on Wednesday nights, so I have invited a few people here and there. Now, I am inviting you . . .

And all the world.

If you are part of the world and you know someone without internet access, tell them too. I actually am inviting the entire world. It’ll  be a mriacle, but we can fit in this space somehow. I do, I do believe in miracles.

Please consider coming. Your presence is my joy.

P.S. to the world: Click on “Contact”, and I will send you my address.

For the love of God, and with it too,

Timothy Waugh