I understand how it’s working (No I do not. Maybe sometimes. Barely.)

“I understand how it’s working”, is what the dental receptionist just said to a customer while I delivered the dentist’s mail.

There’s much I understand too but IHNI about the rest. I’ll just just keep going. Steadfast, you know, in a Colossians 1:23 sort of way, and in other ways too–not beyond but beside.

Oh, that dentist is my dentist and he’s on my route.

So is my insurance agent.

So is my credit union.

Shade is being good to me lately, it seems.

I like it, although Shade is one long route, believe me.

But I always finish it, even when in the dark.

And this music today, these days? Ethereal. Tune in. Everyone please tune in to a station like this one.