Rule of Life

My daily reading yesterday encouraged readers to establish a “Rule of Life”, i.e. to establish, develop, and claim your own patterns and disciplines for spiritual growth.

My rule of life is simple and unwavering: To be His, for others, with you.

In terms of patterns and disciplines, I have them. They will continue to be developed by the creator, by me, and by the shaping of external influences, as they have been for many years. They are private and I do not share them, although as you know I write fairly freely. It is a part of my calling.

The Bible may be a part of your practices as it is mine, so I’d like to recommend two resources. I have tried them all (and will examine others too as they are brought to me).

  1. The first is Bible Hub, and I prefer it to all the others when using my phone. It is fast, has a simple interface, and is available as an app for multiple platforms as well. The name, Bible Hub, seems a little hokey to me, but I can imagine the developers early on just running with it. I admire them for sticking with it and continuing to develop the very extensive resources.
  2. The second, and one that I use for in-depth study and reflection is Logos. It is free, but with additional resources available for purchase. Even the free version has enough capabilities to satisfy most of us. It is more suitable for desktop/laptop or tablets, rather than phones.

There you have it, at least for now.

My rule of life: His, For, With . . .

Photograph “In Reflection” © 2018 Timothy Waugh