I wish we could move.

Back to Daylight Saving Time, that is.

Now that 4:00 is the new 5:00 and so on, I’ve been awake since 4:21, long before the pointless alarm that I set every day. Well, not every day—I have been on vacation, but this is the last of those days and the last of my available chunks of little-t time except for all the holidays. Veteran’s Day is coming and that will be nice.

For years my circadian rhythms have seemed more attuned to how things work during Daylight Saving Time. But, of course, all it would take to solve that is to move one time zone east each year (temporarily and temporally) until policy finally catches up to good sense and we remain fixed in a single, united front in together-time. Moving east would put me in the mountains and I suppose that would be fine.

[It was fun a few sentences ago when I mistyped “Daylight” and autocorrect inserted “Delight” instead. Delight Saving Time has a nice ring to it, and God knows that I am doing all I can to save it, but like I said: I don’t have much time these days. Oh well.]

If I shifted east eight hours or so, it would eventually work out too. I am adept at adapting, but it isn’t always pleasant. Only sometimes is it pleasant, therefore easy. Usually, it is simply necessary, that’s all. I will do all that I can, which is quite a lot, but I’ll get tired doing it. Not tired of doing will I get, just plain old tired in the doing, during the doing. It makes me sleepy thinking about it, which is probably a good thing right now since it is early on Day One, although we are not getting any younger, in a manner of speaking, so it is only getting later in the same manner of speaking.

I think I will actually doze for a bit and pray about what to do this afternoon. Maybe I will receive some clear direction . . .

If so, then I will do it. Always.