31 October from Paris

It is All Hallows’ Eve and a Wednesday again, and we have come full circle.  

Dear God, our eyes are still upon you, but I am thinking that we know what to do . . . 

Other times may come, of course, and we will not know what to do again. During those times—should they come—may our eyes ever be upon you. 

But for now, it seems clear and quite nice. And it is Halloween and a Wednesday.

This time, however, instead of wandering around as a ghost in a cemetery, I will be with my little niece and possibly helping pass out treats to the French (fry) children of Paris (TX). Although not wandering, I’ll be wondering if there are treats being passed out where you are. 

It makes me laugh to think about it, wondering at all the wonder and how wonder-full it all is.

I like the way that dawn comes slowly at first, and then abruptly breaks into these sweet moments of light with the full circle of the sun.

I wrote that last night, as midnight approached and took us into today, intending to post it this morning as the sun rises. But I am sending it out now for the early riser. There are at least three of us: you, I, and Rowdy the cat:) early risers all.

Last night before bedtime I prepared the coffee in old faithful, the Corning Ware percolator that is standing the test of time and then I went to sleep. I do not remember my dreams, only that I did dream. Toward the end of the final dream there was a sound incorporated into it that did not seem to fit, really (ironic that I am writing of reality and a dream as one thing . . .), and then I opened my eyes.

It was Rowdy, Mom’s cat, meowing outside my door. I crawled out of bed, trudged into the kitchen to plug old faithful into her power source, and then let Rowdy outside for his morning jaunt. There is a certain lady friend out there that he likes to visit, and I’d never in a million years stand in the way of feline φιλία. 

Then I paid a visit to a certain room because I really needed to pray. I prayed, smiling, in that room in the dark, knowing that dawn is coming and more is on the way as well. I prayed a pure prayer too, one that has also stood the test of time.

I believe; it is that simple. We believe too, I know, and it is throughout the creeds, those words that have also stood the test of time.

Well, it took a while, that prayer, but now it is reasonably concluded and I am walking back into the kitchen, familiar enough to walk in the dark. That is when I saw it, yet another sign that all will be well:


After years of retirement, that light is back on again, and now is the time, across any distance . . .